Searching For A Lightweight Swim Spa Cover?

The covers that come with a Swim Spa typically have more sections than a basic hot tub cover. Regrettably, it will still get heavy much like a typical spa cover.

With more sections, they will generally fill at different rates so you wind up playing musical chairs with the areas you can still lift. Ultimately, you may even stop aiming to use the bar lifters and just open up two sections in the center so you can use the spa.

Even with the bar lifters, getting a saturated swim spa cover back up onto the spa can be a battle. If you have a bad back it’s down right hazardous because of the height of the spa.

Obviously you’ll wish to replace the Swim Spa Cover with something that will be easier so you can keep using your spa.

The Swim Spa Covers make the removing your Swim Spa Cover as easy as taking a comforter off a bed. Unlike heavy spa covers that need 2 or more individuals to raise, spa covers can be put back on in seconds normally with one hand.

The Swim Spa Covers use Sunbrella Marine Fabric on the outside which is far superior to the common spa cover vinyls. All vinyls are rated by HOURS outdoors where Sunbrella is ranked by YEARS.

So Sunbrella, not just safeguards your swim spa from blazing sun, rain and even heavy snowfall, but also last longer than other covers. Since they use air chambers instead of rigid foam, the covers do not break or get heavy with time.

Energy Efficient

Backed by a 3 years guarantee on products and workmanship, energy effective SpaCap.comSwim Spa Covers ensure a low ownership cost.

Searching for A Customized Swim Spa Cover?

Give them a call! Their designers with 20 years of experience can make a custom Swim Spa Cover for you.