Can A SwimSpa Cover Save A Life?

Toddler Falls on SwimSpa Cover

It’s not everyday that SwimSpa covers make the news. But it did happen recently in Florida a kid fell from a three story balcony and landed on, you guessed it a SwimSpa cover.

As a grandparent the first thing that enters your mind is, “How was this allowed to happen?” Fortunately this story has a happy ending (the little child was fine and ran back up stairs to tell his grandpa just what happened) but just how did the little guy fall?

From now on lets lock the sliding glass door to stop this future stuntman from duplicating this maneuver. Next time he may miss the swimspa entirely.

A few years ago “Dwarf Tossing” was a popular. After That “Dwarf Bowling” and a couple of various other games along the same lines. Without taking a side as to the civil liberties of dwarfs to be thrown for sport and also amusement, let’s just nip “Toddler Tossing” in the bud before to it too ends up being the brand-new fun game.

In our personal experience a lot of activities seem like a good idea to kids. A number of them seem to lack the “anxiety” genetics or chromosome to alert them to possible danger. As amusing as it may be to view videos of pets misjudging their leaping abilities, nobody wishes to see this with young children.

If on the other hand you would like to lay your toddler delicately on your swimspa cover for some reason, let’s discuss some ground rules first to ensure safety and happy endings.

First guideline. The swimspa or hot tub must be no higher than deck level. If your hot tub is free standing, the range from the edge of the swimspa to the ground would certainly suffice to harm your toddler so better to lay the little bugger on the ground compared to on the swimspa. If on the other hand your spa is flush with the deck it MAY be alright. Carry on to rule two.

Regulation Two. The cover must be properly protected in such a way as to guarantee that the young child can not by mishap or intent access to the swimspa water listed below. Neither by a fall from a great height, substantial impact or other circumstances.

Rule Three. The hot tub cover would have to be a comfortable location to lay one’s kid. If the hot tub cover is a rigid piece of foam it should to be considered not appropriate for kid laying. If the swimspa cover allows a padding like gentleness that will certainly comfort and also embrace the toddler then continue to rule three.

Regulation Four. If a young child is relaxing conveniently on a soft swimspa cover, there should be no jumping on the cover by other individual or pet. This would dislodge the kid and can possibly cause harm.

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